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First things first, what is a Dual Living Dwelling? It is basically 2 entirely individual built under one roof, with a particular owner. Those homes have the own street entrance, different front doors, kitchen, bathroom, garden, living areas and of course, separate address. Not only that, water, NBN, power, gas and all the other services are individually installed into the individual dwelling, as all the fees will go to the corresponding address.

We know when you look from the street it looks like a single house, but we promise you, it is two fully separate houses. Normally, one living area is larger than the other.

Why should you consider?

  • Build a dual dwelling, you are creating 2 opportunities under 1 roof
  • When you are living in the bigger whilst an occupant will help you pay off your mortgage;
  • Have 2 income streams, as you will be able to have a separate tenant and rent both individually
  • You might get higher tax benefits and more capital growth

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